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We have built many successful products in different industries. Our experiences have made us experts when it comes to working with new ideas, from conceptualising to architecture. Let us guide you in making your project a successful one.

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Backbone offers a range of expertise in and around web and mobile application development. Using the latest in technologies we can create the perfect solution for your project.

Backbone Media develops dynamic reliable scalable responsive applications for web and mobile.

Meet the Team

  • Clifford Whittaker CEO

    A passionate family guy that has a "can do" attitude to life. Apple's representative in the office and the driving force behind Backbone.

  • Andrew Campher CTO

    A beer connoisseur and closet PC gamer. His a perfectionist when it comes to work, pushing the envelope of what is possible. Not a Apple fan.

  • Brendan Van Der Merwe Development Manager

    The "Back" in Backbone, our Clash of Clans leader and all round solid guy. Recently engaged to his nurse girl-friend.

  • Altus Carstens Architect / Senior Developer

    Eat sleep code repeat... the machine. Drives a fast bike. Could be a cyborg...

  • Angelo Saim Developer

    A never give up attitude. Into Anime and comics. Wants to one day move to Japan - return to his family...

  • Arndt Knoetze Developer

    He can be found at Trance parties on most weekends. His music makes him code super fast. Great cook.

  • Jeremy Kaplan Developer / QA

    Our Danish native, into very fast/load cars.

  • Andro (Bobby) Treurnicht Developer

    A frontend jedi master, passionate Footballer, Loving dad.

Dont forget our Temp staff, Interns & Suppliers

We are able to scale a team to meet any project requirements.

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